Base Payment Amounts will be calculated by applying an escalating marginal recovery formula to the Settlement Class Member's Lifetime Spending Amount through and including January 31, 2022, with the portion of the Settlement Class Member's spending attributable to Platform Provider fees (fixed for settlement purposes as 30% of each Settlement Class Member's lifetime spending) discounted by 75%.

To estimate your Base Payment Award, please answer the questions below. In order to receive a Settlement Benefit, you must submit a claim form. For more information on determining whether your claims are DRAP or Non-DRAP, please review the Settlement Agreement on the Important Documents page.

Please note that this calculator provides only an estimated base payment award, based on the information provided, and does not reflect a guaranteed payment award. Moreover, this base payment estimate does not reflect any additional Supplemental Payment amounts or reductions in award amounts due to Fee award, incentive award to the Class Representative, and Settlement Administration Expenses.